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Shelby Hairston: Nurturing Spaces with Artistic Grace

In the heart of ID.ology, Shelby Hairston, the creative soul behind the scenes, weaves an atmosphere of efficiency and warmth as the dedicated office assistant. Shelby’s personal style mirrors the essence of her surroundings—cozy, with a touch of mid-century modern flair.

As a crucial member of the ID.ology team, Shelby seamlessly blends her passion for creativity with the demands of the administrative world. Her commitment to maintaining a welcoming and organized workspace ensures that the design process flows smoothly, leaving room for inspiration to flourish.

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Warren Wilson College, Shelby boasts a double concentration in Drawing & Painting, as well as Art History. Her academic journey has honed her eye for detail and cultivated a deep appreciation for the historical and aesthetic nuances that contribute to her unique perspective.

Shelby Hairston, with her cozy mid-century modern style, artistic background, and passion for the unique, is an integral part of the ID.ology family. Her commitment to both the artistic and the practical aspects of design makes her a linchpin in the seamless execution of the creative vision that ID.ology brings to life.

  • Movie Genre: Comedy & Drama
  • Place: My home
  • Most Alive: When with family and friends
  • Color: Pink
  • Spirit Animal: Frog
  • Fear: Zombies
  • Personal Style: Cozy, mid-century modern
  • Inspiration: Sunset
  • Guilty Pleasure: Garbage Tv
  • Free Time: Thrifting, anything creative
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Art (Warren Wilson College) Double concentration in Drawing & Painting, Art History.


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