Laura Sullivan

Laura Sullivan is a renowned interior designer and advocate for sustainable and healthy design practices. Born and raised amidst the breathtaking mountains of Western North Carolina, Laura’s childhood was filled with exploration and artistic expression. She accompanied her father on his real estate ventures, learning about the intricacies of the industry, while also observing her mother’s remarkable achievements in the medical field.

From an early age, Laura’s love for art and creativity shone through. She spent countless hours crafting beautiful pieces and honing her artistic skills. Recognizing her passion and talent, Laura pursued a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design with a minor in Art at Appalachian State University. This educational foundation provided her with the knowledge and tools to turn her creative flair into a successful career.
Following her university studies, Laura’s thirst for knowledge led her to obtain general contracting and real estate licenses, expanding her expertise beyond the realm of design. Armed with a multifaceted skill set, she ventured into the world of interior design with a determination to promote wellness through aging in place and environmentally sustainable practices.

With nearly two decades of experience in the field, Laura has become a highly respected figure in the interior design industry. Her comprehensive understanding of both the aesthetic and technical aspects of building, renovations, and new construction design has propelled her to the forefront of her profession. She possesses a remarkable ability to balance functionality, beauty, and environmental consciousness in her designs.

Laura’s commitment to education and sharing her knowledge is commendable. She has served as a teacher of design and indoor air quality practices through organizations such as the North Carolina Building Institute (NCBI) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) on both state and national levels. Her dedication to raising awareness about sustainable design has earned her recognition and numerous design awards at local, state, and national levels.

In a true display of synergy, Laura collaborates with her husband, Sean Sullivan, who is the owner of Living Stone Design + Build. Together, they form a dynamic team, leveraging their complementary skills and shared vision for innovative and sustainable design solutions. As part of the Sullivan Family of Companies, Laura also contributes her expertise to their design driven, healthy furnishings studio, Atelier Maison & Co.

Laura Sullivan’s unwavering commitment to wellness, sustainability, and artistic excellence has made her a trailblazer in the interior design industry. Her designs not only transform spaces into aesthetically pleasing environments but also create harmonious and healthy living spaces for individuals and communities. With each project, Laura continues to inspire others and shape the future of design through her passion and expertise.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Appalachian State University with a minor in Art. In addition to her academic achievements, she holds licensures as a General Contractor and a Real Estate Broker In Charge. She has also obtained Green Professional and Aging in Place Design certifications. Her exceptional work has been recognized annually through design awards on local, state, and national levels for more than a decade.

Laura’s expertise has garnered attention from renowned publications, and she has been featured in numerous articles. Her contributions to the community and dedication to sustainability have earned her public service awards, such as the NCHBA’s Associate of the Year and Woman Up Impact Award for her work in impacting the community and the environment through sustainability and change strategies.

As a leader in in the industry Laura employs her experience, knowledge, and expertise to build and develop the talented ID.ology team to provide the best comprehensive design and service in the industry. Laura’s unwavering commitment to wellness, sustainability, and artistic excellence continues to shape the future of interior design and inspire others through her passion and expertise.

  • Movie Genre: Drama
  • Place: Italy
  • Most Alive: When outdoors
  • Color: All
  • Spirit Animal: Owl
  • Fear: 2 Tim. 1:7
  • Personal Style: Warm Contemporary
  • Inspiration: Love for all things “home”
  • Guilty Pleasure: Coffee
  • Free Time: Art
  • B.S. Interior Design / Minor Art / GC License / Broker In Charge Real Estate License
  • Lifelong student of art and design with 20 years experience in Interior Design, new construction and renovation plan design, and furnishings
  • Certified Aging In Place Specialist & Certified Green Professional

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