Design Practices

Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design is based upon the relationships between nature, science, and the built environment. Humans naturally desire a connection with nature, so ID.ology incorporates biophilic design in every project we do. Some ways we like to incorporate biophilic design into our projects are by including large windows or sliding glass doors to bring in the natural lighting, plants to give year-round life within the home, or natural materials incorporated throughout the home such as stone and wood.

Indoor Air Quality

Homes being built today are air-tight, making them extremely energy efficient. The down-side to this are the toxins (VOCs, formaldehyde, etc.) that off-gas from the furniture, paints, stains, etc. get trapped within the home. This can lead to major health issues for the homeowner and their family. ID.ology is here to educate our clients on the benefit of natural, non-toxic selections, so they’re making informed decisions on everything that goes into their home.


Aging-in-Place means growing older in your home; however, some homes make it difficult to age in. Our team is mindful of the way you live when designing your home. We consider how your home will serve you long-term, and implement design techniques that make the home for accessible and easy to live in as our clients grow older.

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