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Jill Randolph – Renowned Designer, Antiques Enthusiast, and Mentor.

Jill Randolph stands as an esteemed figure in the realm of interior design, celebrated for her unparalleled creativity and unwavering commitment to aesthetic excellence. From her early exposure to design during a pivotal visit to her aunt’s atelier at the age of 10, Jill’s trajectory into the world of aesthetics was set in motion, eventually blossoming into a remarkable career that spans decades.

Growing up in an environment enriched with an impressive collection of antiques curated by her parents, Jill’s passion for design was nurtured at an early age. Her affinity for antiques quickly transformed into a lifelong love for antiquing, a sentiment that continues to color her personal and professional pursuits.

Jill’s academic journey culminated in a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Florida State University in 1986. Her dedication and prowess were further solidified with the attainment of the NCIDQ certification in 1989, a testament to her exceptional skills and proficiency. In 2022, she achieved the distinguished status of a Registered Interior Designer in North Carolina, underscoring her ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Jill’s professional portfolio shines brightly with a plethora of exceptional projects, many of which have gained recognition through publication. Her adeptness in harmonizing classical aesthetics with contemporary design sensibilities sets her apart, resulting in spaces that are not only functional but also carry a timeless allure.

Beyond her accolades and accomplishments, Jill’s true passion lies in the relationships she cultivates with her clients. The joy she derives from helping clients realize their design aspirations is only matched by the excitement of witnessing their expressions as they encounter their transformed spaces for the first time.

Jill’s influence extends beyond her design work and client interactions. A fervent believer in paying it forward, she finds immense fulfillment in mentoring emerging designers, generously sharing her wealth of knowledge and insights to nurture their talents. Collaboration forms the cornerstone of her creative process, as she actively engages with fellow designers and draws inspiration from diverse sources, including social media and luminaries in the design world.

Jill’s design footprint spans far and wide, reaching beyond her work in North Carolina, across numerous states including New York, New Jersey, Florida, and even international projects. Her ability to seamlessly blend cultural influences into her designs demonstrates a breadth of vision that transcends geographical boundaries.

Jill Randolph’s journey from an inspired young enthusiast to a seasoned and respected designer is a testament to her boundless dedication, expertise, and unbridled passion for the world of design. Her fusion of antique charm with contemporary elegance serves as an inspiration to peers and aspirants alike, solidifying her legacy as a mentor, visionary, and trailblazer in the field of interior design.

  • Movie Genre: Action
  • Place: With family and friends
  • Most Alive: Outdoors/nature
  • Color: Aubergine
  • Spirit Animal: Eagle
  • Fear: Losing someone close to me
  • Personal Style: Anything antique
  • Inspiration: The world around me
  • Guilty Pleasure: Weekend at the spa
  • Free Time: Check off bucket list items
  • B.S. Interior Design from Florida State University
  • 32+ years in residential interior design and custom home project management
  • FL License No. 0003651


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