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Rachel Montgomery: Architect Crafting Memorable Designs

Educated at Syracuse University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Rachel Montgomery is an architect whose creativity flourishes from her interactions and experiences. Armed with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, Rachel approaches design with imagination and thoughtfulness.

What distinguishes Rachel is her unwavering passion for social design, sparked by her transitions from New York’s streets to North Carolina’s landscapes, interwoven with explorations across various destinations. These journeys connected her with diverse individuals, each with unique stories. Through these interactions, Rachel grasped the value of socialization and its transformative impact on our lives and spaces.

Her travels across the United States, Europe, and Central/South America exposed her to cultures, deepening her appreciation for beauty beyond aesthetics. Rachel finds enchantment in elements shaping our world, from cozy coffee shops to historic landmarks and serene landscapes.

Rachel’s relationship with design surpasses architecture, stemming from her formative years’ fascination with turning the ordinary into extraordinary. From clothing to furniture, her innate ability to reimagine the mundane highlights her creative prowess.

Her distinct viewpoint finds expression through a philosophy of collaging and eclecticism, extending beyond design to diverse lifestyles, traditions, and friendships. In her hands, disparate threads converge into captivating and harmonious design tapestries.

Professionally, Rachel excels in residential plan design, intricate construction detailing, and lifelike renderings. Her commitment transcends technical aspects, ensuring designs exceed code requirements, matching her artistic vision’s excellence.

In an interconnected world, Rachel Montgomery’s work embodies meaningful design. Her architecture champions social connections for a well-crafted space’s profound impact. With each creation, she fashions not just spaces, but enduring memories in people’s hearts and minds.

  • Movie Genre: True Crime
  • Place: Barcelona, Spain
  • Most Alive: Swimming at the beach
  • Color: Black & Tan
  • Spirit Animal: Monkey
  • Fear: Bugs with more than 6 legs
  • Personal Style: Modern eclectic 
  • Inspiration: My friends & family
  • Guilty Pleasure: Sweet & spicy pickles
  • Free Time: Restoring old clothes & furniture
  • Syracuse University & University of Tennessee
  • With a Bachelors of Architecture Degree


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