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Courtney Stevens graduated with a Bachelor’s in Interior Design from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2019. With her academic background and passion for design, she embarked on a journey to carve her path in the world of interior design.

As a Lead Interior Designer at ID.ology, Courtney’s motivation lies in creating spaces where families can gather and create cherished memories. She firmly believes that every house has a unique story that transforms it into a home, and being a part of that journey brings her immense fulfillment. Courtney finds true joy in witnessing her clients’ excitement as they see their dream spaces come to life.

Courtney draws inspiration from various sources. Nature plays a significant role, as its beauty and elements often find their way into her designs. Additionally, she finds inspiration in her hobbies, such as crafting and baking, where she can explore her creativity and discover unique concepts that can be applied to her design projects. She believes that the best ideas come to her when she allows herself to enjoy the moment and be creative in unconventional ways.

With a background in custom, residential construction, Courtney possesses a deep understanding of architectural elements and construction processes, enabling her to create functional and practical spaces that align with her clients’ visions. Her expertise also extends to creating realistic renders, giving clients a visual representation of the final outcome before the actual implementation.

Furthermore, Courtney is skilled in introducing new standards of practice within the company to ensure consistency and quality in their design projects. Her project management skills help streamline processes and ensure that projects are delivered efficiently, meeting both deadlines and budgets.

In summary, Courtney Stevens is a talented and passionate Lead Interior Designer who brings a blend of creativity, technical expertise, and project management prowess to ID.ology. Her dedication to transforming houses into personalized homes and her commitment to innovation make her a valuable asset to the design team.

  • Movie Genre: Action
  • Place: New York
  • Most Alive: Skydiving
  • Color: Black
  • Spirit Animal: Deer
  • Fear: Not being good enough
  • Personal Style: Mid-century modern
  • Inspiration: Philippians 4:13
  • Guilty Pleasure: Cookie dough ice cream
  • Free Time: Baking
  • Bachelor’s of Interior Design
  • 5 years design experience
  • 2 years project management experience


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