The Campbell Residence

A Modern Mountain Dream Home: The Campbell Residence

The first time we drove up to the house we were in awe. The varied roofline, beautiful mix of wood and stone, and large windows are exactly our style. One of my favorite features on the screened-in porch is the hanging swing, where Scott and I will listen to music and relax in the evenings there. – Starla Campbell, Homeowner.

A Captivating Welcome

Nestled in the heart of the mountains, the Campbell Residence beckons visitors with its stunning architectural design and cozy charm. The initial impression of awe and admiration is a common sentiment as guests arrive at this picturesque abode. From the diverse roofline to the harmonious blend of wood and stone, every detail of the exterior evokes a sense of wonder and admiration.

The Heart of the Home: A Dream Kitchen

Step inside, and you’ll discover a meticulously designed kitchen that caters to every culinary need. This space, truly the heart of the home, boasts a layout fit for a professional chef, ample counter space, and storage aplenty. Whether you’re preparing an intimate dinner or enjoying a morning coffee, the kitchen offers not only functionality but also a captivating view that complements your dining experience.

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Charming Character and History

Small design touches add up to a huge impact in this home. Furnishing with unique pieces, such as a table crafted from salvaged boxcar wood and a living wall, infuses charming character and history into this modern mountain dream home. These thoughtful additions elevate the interior design, creating a space that’s both distinctive and inviting.

Nature-Inspired Sanctuary

“In the morning, we’re often above the cloud or fog layer. The way our home was designed, the light and beauty of the surroundings became a part of the interior design.” – Starla Campbell

Wake up to a naturally inspired, restful sanctuary, bathed in sunlight and surrounded by elements and textures reminiscent of the nearby mountains. The thoughtful design allows nature’s beauty to seamlessly merge with the home’s interior, creating a tranquil and rejuvenating atmosphere.

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Every Detail Counts

From comfortable sitting nooks to a well-appointed home office with a breathtaking view, this residence combines functionality and form with meticulous planning. A team that collaborated harmoniously crafted a dream home that earned accolades, including a Silver rating on the NC Greenbuilt scale and a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Score of 60, indicating a remarkable 40% higher efficiency than standard code.

In the Campbell Residence, each room holds a unique feature, inviting exploration and discovery. The outdoors effortlessly intertwine with the indoors, with landscaping designed to mature alongside the home and stone pavers that complement the wood elements, providing a natural entrance path.

“Seeing and experiencing this home in person, living in it every day, has been a whole new dimension for us. You realize the thought and care that has been put into every part of this home, from getting your morning coffee to watching the sunset over the mountains from the comfort of the back porch.” – Starla Campbell

In every corner of the Campbell Residence, thoughtful design, impeccable craftsmanship, and a deep appreciation for nature converge to create a modern mountain dream home that captures the hearts of all who enter.

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