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Where Design & Nature Converge

At ID.ology Interiors & Design, we specialize in transforming houses into homes, each with its unique story. Mountain Modern Vista, located in Waynesville, North Carolina, is a testament to our commitment to crafting unforgettable narratives through interior design. This architectural gem, created by Living Stone Design + Build, presented us with a remarkable canvas to showcase nature’s splendor with modern luxury.

Designing Mountain Modern Vista was an inspiring journey. The boldest statement of the sleek black matter of and clean architectural lines set the tone for our work. With three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and 3,293 square feet of space, we aimed to create interiors that embraced the surrounding natural beauty while upholding the standards of elegance and functionality.

The elegant walkways with their graceful rafters leading through the property enchanted us. We envisioned these pathways as extensions of our design philosophy, seamlessly connecting the indoors to the vast outdoors. The expansive back porch, overlooking panoramic mountain vistas, became an outdoor living room filled with carefully chosen furnishings, providing a space for relaxation and communion with nature.

We take pride in sustainable design, and Mountain Modern Vista boasts Energy Star and Indoor Air PLUS certifications. These certifications reflect our commitment to environmentally conscious materials selection and creating homes that prioritize health and energy efficiency.

Mountain Modern Vista, as envisioned by ID.ology Interiors & Design, is where form meets function, luxury meets sustainability. We aimed to tell a story of modern living in harmony with the natural surroundings, where each detail serves a purpose, and each space reflects the beauty of the mountains.

Experience Mountain Modern Vista with us, where design and nature converge, and where homes become not just places to live but stories to be cherished and admired.

Mountain modern vista floor plans
Mountain modern vista floor plans

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