Written By: Bailey Pinkerton

Contributing Designer: Molly Norris

Adding color to your home is a great way to show off your personality, improve your mood, and add some life within your walls. Colors have the power to totally transform your home and turn it into the space you’ve always dreamed of. Colors don’t always have to be bright and bold; they can be more neutral tones as well. We are going to dive into ways to personalize your home using all the colors you love!


Bringing a color into your home through paint can easily make a room pop. One thing to consider when choosing paint colors for your home, is that each room in your home is unique. Whether the lighting is brighter, or the space is smaller, the same color paint most likely will not look the same from room to room. 

Décor & Styling

Whether it’s a pop of color, or more of an accent, adding the right décor in your home is the quickest and easiest way to bring color in. If your home is more neutral in color, a vibrant rug, fun throw pillows, or colorful artwork is a great way to make your room pop.  Larger items such as sofas, buffets, etc. are considered the “bones” of your home. We often recommend “the bones” to be more neutral in color. This way, it’s more cost effective for you to change out colors as your taste/trends change. 


Statement lighting and window placement can add color to your home in various ways. Whether it’s a colorful fixture, the color bulb you use, or the window size in your space, these can amplify the color perception in each room. Be considerate of the light fixtures you choose and the window placement in your home. Who knows, it might just make the room!