Written By: Bailey Pinkerton

“To hire an Interior Designer or not to hire an Interior Designer, that is the question…”

        – You, Probably

Deciding on whether to hire an Interior Designer is the first of MANY decisions made when embarking on a new home project, however there is no need to worry! We are here to help weigh out your options, and inform you on exactly what goes into building, renovating and/or furnishing a home. 

Let’s get started!

What does in Interior Designers’ job entail?

First, we are going to go over exactly what an Interior Designers’ job entails. Many people group interior designers and interior decorators together, however the two positions can be very different. Interior designers are qualified to provide full-service design for new construction and renovations, whereas interior decorators simply decorate a space. Interior designers can visualize a space before the space is even built. They can assist in picking exterior and interior selections, while creating a cohesive vibe from the roof to the foundation. Interior designers also act as a liaison between you and the vendors of your choice; and they have connections within the field, making it easy for you, the client, to communicate efficiently and effectively with each vendor you work with.

What goes in to remodeling/redesigning/building a home? 

Next, we will go over the three major factors that go into a home project for the client. Those three factors include: 

1. Time

2. Research

3. Decision Making

Creating a space catered to you and your personality requires A LOT of time. There are thousands of paint colors, sofas, stains, faucets, fixtures, and the list goes on. It takes a lot of time to pick each selection that fits within your budget, your style, and the time frame of your project. With selections comes research, and with research comes making a decision. This process can be tedious and overwhelming to those with little experience in the building/designing industry. 

Reasons why you might NOT need to hire an Interior Designer: 

You might not need to hire an Interior Designer if…

1. There are minor changes to make to your home and you know the exact selections you’re wanting for each space. 

2. You have the time to put into making selections, contacting vendors, and executing the designs. 

3. You have a tight “DIY” budget to stick to. 

4. You have connections in the design and build field. 

5. You can easily visualize a space before it’s brought to life and have the time on your hands to implement. 

When to consider hiring an Interior Designer:

An Interior Designer might be a good decision for you if…

1. You are on a realistic budget. – Interior designers help you get the look you want, while ensuring you stay within your allotted budget. They have also developed connections throughout the community with vendors and furniture stores, leading to possible discounts for you, the client. 

2. You are an indecisive person or get overwhelmed easily. – It’s an Interior designer’s job to narrow down the selections, and help you visualize which piece will look best in each given space. They stay up to date on the latest trends and newest products; so instead of looking through thousands of light fixtures for your master bedroom, and interior designer will narrow it down to a handful for you to choose form. With the thousands of selections that need to be made when building or remodeling, a designer will simplify the entire process.

3. You are building or remodeling a larger space. – Large spaces can be difficult to fill. Interior designers can effortlessly arrange a space to make it look both desirable and cohesive, as well as ensure proper scale and flow. 

4. You do not have the time. – These days, time is precious. Home projects have the power to take up a lot of time. When working with an interior designer, you can be as hands on or hands off as you wish. Interior designers can either pinpoint your style and take the job from there (Grand Reveal); or they can work with you through each selection fo you’re interested in more of a hands on experience. Either way, it’s the interior designer’s job to alleviate the stress of time. 

5. You would like a liaison between you or your vendors. – Interior designers will be the ones making the phone calls to your vendors, and ensuring you’re getting the best rate on your selections of choice. It’s also their job to get any concerns, problems, or questions answered for you in a timely manor. 

In conclusion, it’s ultimately up to you on making the best decision for your project. We hope this article is informative, and assists you with your decision making process. Thank you for taking the time to read; and good luck with your project! 


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