By Rebecca Becker

Have you ever thought of home as a sanctuary? A restorative place. When life is frantic, home should be more than an escape! It should be a nurturing source for you physically, mentally, and emotionally. A sanctuary!

Our philosophy at ID.ology is that your home is one thread in the fabric of a wellness lifestyle…a sanctuary where the soul can be grounded. 

Bring the Outdoors In

The body’s response to light is called the circadian rhythm, the 24-hour biological cycle, which is primarily influenced by light reception. Understanding the circadian cycle is essential because it affects the rhythms of the human body and influences sleep, mood, wakefulness, digestion, temperature control, and even cell renewal. Research shows that an adequate amount of light improves mood and energy levels, while poor lighting contributes to depression and other deficiencies in the body.

Adding plants to a room invokes a feeling of calm and relaxation. They also invite creativity, productivity and have several anxiety-reducing effects, like lowering blood pressure, decreasing levels of anxiety, and improving well-being.  Three cheers for the positive side-effects of adding plants to your sanctuary!


Consider Color

Science can now prove how colors can impact your emotions. In the sanctuary of your home, perhaps use blues, whites, and greens which promote calmness and growth. Just as Spring is birthing new life around you, ponder how you can bring life-giving colors into your own sanctuary. But don’t overthink it! Add what you love. Place your favorite artwork, photos, or blankets in the spaces you frequent. Color is life!


When a space is cluttered, the mind is cluttered. In creating an intentional space, every object has purpose. Consider how the bird builds its nest, intentionally placing a twig here or yarn there, while removing anything that doesn’t serve. Home is a retreat in its best sense – a nest where you can be restored.


Keep Technology in its Proper Place

The bedroom is perhaps the most sacred space in your sanctuary. Sleep is the body’s greatest tool for healing. Although we’re grateful for the ways technology keeps us connected the blue lights of our preferred devices negatively affect our circadian rhythms. Balance is key. Consider a place outside your bedroom for your phone to charge at night.

When we think of home as a sanctuary, it becomes a place of restoration and rejuvenation – it becomes so much more than a house!