Written By: Naomi Ferrara

Contributing Writer: Bailey Pinkerton

Let’s talk about lighting! More specifically, types of kitchen lighting. Lighting is a very important factor in kitchen planning, and it has come a long way since the dated ceiling fluorescent lighting. As interior designers, we like to divide kitchen lighting into four different types: ceiling lights, under cabinet lights, inner cabinet lights, and toe kick lights. I know what you’re thinking: That is a lot of different types of lights; but we are going to go over what each type of lighting can bring to your kitchen. 

Ceiling Lights

To begin, we are going to talk about the ceilings lights in your kitchen. There are several different types including recessed lights, flush mount fixtures, and pendants. The size and ceiling height of your kitchen will determine exactly how much light you’ll need, and the layout will determine the distribution of the fixtures. For example: the kitchen could have recessed ceilings lights throughout the room to add to the overall illumination; and the island could have more focused lighting above it, such as pendants. 

Under Cabinet Lights

Up next, we have under cabinet lights. Under cabinet lights are a must have  for your counters. If you’re thinking about the chunky fluorescent lights hidden behind the thick light valance, think again! Modern under cabinet lights are slim, sleek, and quite powerful. You can select the intensity and the color of the light, as well as the shape, diffuser, and operating method. One of the more popular forms of under cabinet lights are LED strips. They’re popular because of their consistent linear light, and the easy installation. We love a good under cabinet light. 

Inner Cabinet Lights

Now for the inner cabinet lights. Inner cabinet lights function as an ambient light accent. They can be seen through a glass cabinet door, or they can be activated when your cabinet door is opened. This lighting is used to highlight items like heirloom dishes or special pieces, and can add to the aesthetic of your kitchen. 

Photo Credits: Lightology.com

Toe Kick Lights

To finish out, we have toe kick lights. Toe kick lights are placed under your lower cabinets, and definitely make a statement. Whether they’re turned on alone or with other ambient lights. They really make a kitchen pop. Not to mention they have the power to give your kitchen a luxurious feel. A simple flexible LED strip is a good selection for this purpose. 

Now that we understand the different fixtures and functions, the most important thing to remember when adding lighting to your kitchen is proper planning. When ordering entirely new cabinets, electric wiring will need to be specified prior to ordering the cabinets, and installed before the cabinets arrive. An experienced kitchen designer light the one we have on our team can help to specify your kitchen lighting needs, making the entire process an easy one!