Asheville Interior Designer Beautifully Balances Coolness And Warmth In This Contemporary Blue Ridge Mountain Home

Nothing compares to the excitement of building your own home. Unfortunately, with the myriad of decisions that must be made at a rapid pace, stress can quickly put a damper on even the most enthusiastic homeowners’ experience. Fortunately, seasoned professionals like Laura Sullivan, owner of Asheville design firm ID.ology Interior Design, are here to help. Laura works side by side with homeowners, leading them through the entire process to ensure smooth sailing and a great result. Laura spoke with North Carolina Design about her process, and a recent project that showcases the difference her influence can make.

Images Courtesy of Id.ology Interior Design ©

“I think one of the main benefits people gain from working with us is peace of mind,” affirms Laura. “We guide them through every selection, from exterior materials to lamps and area rugs. When homeowners go it alone, they often feel stressed and overwhelmed. They have no idea where to go, who to talk to or what to get. Having us there to help them really minimizes their stress, to the point where it becomes an enjoyable process for them.”

“We really spend a lot of time getting to know the homeowners and their families. We think a lot about their life in their home, their personal style, and their future needs. We work out space planning, taking into account framing, exterior and interior doors and windows, traffic patterns and flow of the space. We also think about how we can incorporate the best possible products – healthy, high-quality products that meet the family’s lifestyle needs.”

All of this makes for a lot of moving parts, but that doesn’t faze Laura. “We have a thoughtfully developed, finely honed process in place. That makes it much easier to keep things running smoothly, and not just for clients. We offer great benefit to builders. We work hand in hand with them, acting as mediators between them and the clients. We know their timetable, and what decisions need to be made when. We keep things on track, so they can focus solely on what they need to do.”

The builder on our featured home, an incredible mountain contemporary was Living Stone Construction, which is owned by Laura’s husband, Sean Sullivan. Sean and Laura work phenomenally well as a team, and this project was no different. “They really did an incredible job,” she reflects. “We all worked toward a singular vision, and it all came together very cohesively. It helped greatly that the client was very open, and really let us use our creativity to the fullest potential. That always makes a design really exceptional.”

Thanks to Laura’s thoughtful guidance, the home is a beautiful balance of coolness and warmth and light and dark, and is replete with delightful and intriguing details. “We went with a concrete floor,” she notes. “So we really wanted to make sure that that floor was balanced with warmth and texture. The rich, warm walnut stair treads and walnut upstairs floor provided balance and added continuity. Also, the marble and stainless steel in the kitchen is balanced by the warm walnut cabinetry.”

Laura used details to continue the sense of balance, and add a true wow factor to the home. “We created this stone wall that starts on the home’s exterior, and wraps all the way around the stair wall and carries down to the master entry,” she recounts. “It adds a really cool texture, and it creates a dramatic entrance. The glass in the entranceway allows the stone to come right up to the window, so there’s no visual barrier.”

Laura admits to a few favorite selections throughout the home. On display in spaces like the living area and the master bedroom is fabulous artwork, which Laura purposefully highlighted with her choices of wall color. Other favorites are the the 17th century Moroccan doors and the living area’s asymmetric fireplace featuring a floating concrete hearth. “I wanted to add all of these great components to make the home really unique, but at the same time I wanted everything to integrate and flow well together. In the end, all of the pieces fit into place. It’s just a great example of what thoughtful planning and expert guidance can accomplish.”