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Alisha Snell is a seasoned professional in the realm of interior design and construction, boasting a diverse, well-rounded background that melds her educational prowess with extensive hands-on experience. A graduate of UNC Charlotte, Alisha pursued a double major in Communications and Criminal Justice, from there she pursued a career in real estate because of her long standing passion for homes and interior spaces. Her experience in real estate has afforded her a broad involvement in homes built for various lifestyles, purposes, or style. She found that her innate passion for interior design gave her the desire to take the design of homes to a more involved and comprehensive level to provide her clients with the best home possible. This led her to pivot her trajectory.

Recognizing her fervor for design, Alisha undertook further academic pursuits at Queens University in Charlotte, immersing herself in the realm of Interior Design. During which, an opportunity arose for her to join a prominent home builder in Charlotte, NC, where she spent five impactful years as a Design Consultant specializing in custom and production homes. Her role involved not only envisioning and creating creative and practical designs, but also putting the finishing touches on her projects through soft goods and furnishings. Making construction selections with her clients a fun experience, and fostering collaborative relationships with the build teams, showcasing her exceptional and collaborative project management skills, are just some of her strongest qualities.

Throughout her career journey, Alisha’s unwavering dedication to the craft has been evident. Her transition to designing fully custom homes, and taking the initiative to train herself on additional drawing and rendering programs, prior to joining the ID.ology team, exemplifies her commitment to honing her expertise and delivering exceptional results. A key driver in her success lies in her belief that clear communication and detailed clarification significantly enhance collaborations with builders and project managers, enabling seamless execution of design concepts.

Alisha’s trajectory is marked by an unwavering passion for interior design, complemented by a wealth of immersive training and hands-on experience. Her evolution from real estate to construction and finally to designing fully custom homes underscores her adaptability, expertise, and commitment to excellence in every aspect of her career.


  • Movie Genre: Rom Com
  • Place: Near water and greenery
  • Color: Green
  • Fear: Snakes
  • Personal Style: Neutral, warm, timeless
  • Inspiration: Nature, vintage items and historic building or areas of city
  • Guilty Pleasure: A few reality shows and getting my nails done.
  • Free Time: Spending time with my golden retriever Greyson and trying different restaurants.


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